Domestic & Offshore Data Entry, Data Conversion, Scanning/Imaging, and Voice Transcription Services
WMA are providers of mailroom, data entry/conversion, scanning and imaging, coupon clearing, voice transcription and database services. In fact, due to our unique labor options, we excel at any data related, labor-intensive task. WMA is are truely unique, comprehensive providers of data services, combining decades of service to the world’s most demanding and discriminating corporations, large and small. What makes WMA unique is:

* WMA -80% off your current fully loaded, in-office data services costs.
* With over 25 years of data entry, scanning/imaging, image storage/retrieval, database management and voice transcription experience, WMA have the ability to select the best possible solution to meet the needs of your company.
* WMA to weave many services into one integrated solution to meet your specific needs.
* No company in the United States offers as many cost saving labor options as WMA.
* If you take advantage of one of our offshore labor options, you can sleep soundly knowing that the project management and quality assurance will be performed and monitored domestically by our staff.
* WMA, as your primary outsourcing partner, provides solutions in tandem with several leading data services firms; this includes domestic and offshore capabilities.
* By outsourcing your data services needs to WMA st available options.

Receipt of Documents
WMA offers a wide variety of methods by which source documents may be received. At one end of the spectrum, post office boxes can be opened for a clients incoming mail.  Mail could then be retrieved daily, opened, sorted, edited, and batched prior to data entry. In other instances, clients prefer to send documents directly to one of our production sites on a daily or weekly basis. As mentioned below, WMA are adept at image management. For many clients, we either create images at one of our scanning offices, or receives images created at the client site, and perform data entry from the images. Images are then custom indexed and written to media for storage and retrieval purposes.