Quality, Speed & Great Prices
WMA are capable of generating any level of quality you desire.  We guarantee 98.5% quality using keystroke averaging, and will meet or beat this standard for all records requiring data entry. WMA agree to re-key, at no cost to customers, any data failing to meet these quality standards. To achieve guaranteed accuracy rates greater than 98.5%, the information must be "keyed and verified", where a second operator re-keys what the first operator keyed. Whenever the second operator keys a character different from what the first operator keyed, the data entry software stops further entry until the operator confirms the keystroke. Of course, this accuracy rate comes at an additional cost. Please note: While quality in excess of 98.5% is not guaranteed for "key only" work, our audits indicate that we normally do achieve greater than 98.5% quality without key verification.
WMA have more price options than any other company in this industry. Data entry prices are determined by the following factors:

1. The labor option selected. Options include: domestic in-office, domestic in-home, and offshore in India and China
2. The volume of work to be performed.

3. The frequency of shipments.

4. The turnaround requirements.

5. The number of keystrokes per data entry record.

6. The specific keying instructions.

7. Any reporting requirements.

8. Any front-end requirements such as: opening, extracting, sorting, facing or batching of documents.